Our revolutionary Boka Brush is the first-ever electric toothbrush to feature activated charcoal bristles. Not only do they help limit bacteria growth, but they provide a much gentler brushing experience. Why go gentle? Softer bristles help you avoid brushing too hard, which can lead to recessed gums and temperature sensitivity.

With 30,000 vibrations per minute, the upgraded sonic motor will give you the just-left-the-dentist feel.

Each brush will last 5+ years and Boka will warranty this for 2 years. 


  • How long does the brush stay charged?
    • The brush will have a charge for an hour (30 brushes) before needing to be recharged. Most customers report not needing to recharge their brush for 3-4 weeks. 
  • What is the average battery life of the toothbrush?
    • The battery has a 5+ year battery life. Boka warranties the brush and battery for 2 years. 
  • What electric brushes are your electric toothbrush heads compatible with?
    • Boka electric toothbrush heads are compatible with Boka Brushes only.
  • Are your brushes dual voltage compatible?
    • Yes! Voltage ranges from 110-240V. 

Toothbrush Troubleshooting

If your toothbrush stop working, consider the following:

  • Does your charging base light up blue/white when the toothbrush is connected?
    • If it does not, you will need a new charging set. 
  • Is the button on the toothbrush sticky/stuck?
    • It should press in and out easily. If it's stuck, try running warm water over the button and press it on/off continuously until it starts pressing in again.