Updating subscriptions can be a hassle. Boka allows you to do this on your own quickly and at your convenience. 

To make these updates: 

  1. Log into your Boka account. If you do not create an account you will not be able to manage subscriptions or orders. Please note that having a subscription does not mean you have an active account. If you are receiving an error when logging in this means the account was not fully activated. Click here to activate an account. 
  2. Click on Manage Subscriptions. You will be directed to the subscription page. 
  3. Choose EDIT next to the item that needs to have changes made. If you want to modify all items in the subscription you will need to do this individually. 
  4. On the subscription, page scroll down until you see Email, Billing Address, and Payment Method on the left side of the screen. 
  5. To make changes to any of these sections just click the arrow which then creates a pop-up on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  6. Fill out all the needed information that needs to be updated and click UPDATE